The Gifts of Imperfection : Letting Go of Who you Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are – Brené Brown, Ph.D

Letting go? That’s kinda funny, right? What does that even mean? We have all these balls we are trying to juggle…and you just want me to drop them? Yep! Hmmm, well that actually could be a nice change. Maybe, or maybe I won’t, try it out for a month and if I like it, maybe longer. What do you think?

First things first, we always want to make great choices, BUT do we screw up sometimes? Yes, and it’s totally ok! I am the first to admit – I make errors probably on an hourly basis. So many people think they need to live this model perfect life – I, myself, have been guilty of this too. We cannot alway be in control. And, once we get to the place where we accept being imperfect….it’s exhilarating. Like…really…exhilarating! You know, being’s a good thing.

So, how do we get to this place? This place of contentment? This place where we are happy with ourselves? Happy with our flaws? Yeah, I said it. You’ve got flaws. But, here is the good news…I have 2 more flaws than you do. Bet you didn’t take me as the competitive type.

Brené is a firm believer in whole hearted living. Well, what the heck does that mean? First, it’s a process. It is a choice, but a process. It is the choice that every single day you go to bed knowing you have problem, but are still worthy. I took this at face value. We all have problems. We are either coming out of a crisis, in crisis, or going into a crisis. Let’s be honest- we all have crap we have to deal with. And, no, crisis is not defined, in my opinion, as life or death things, to you… it could be. In my personal life, a crisis, could be….not having a gym routine, having a pimple, or losing a client. Each morning we wake up, we then, also know, that we are worthy. Worthy of achieving everything our huge heart desires. Who ever would think to say little hearts? We, you and I, we have big hearts. Whole. Hearted. Living!

Self love? Loving yourself. This is something you need to practice. Daily! I have posted a couple of times – this part is fun for me. Especially because I am a mom. You can hear moms all around the world saying they don’t have time for themselves because they have kids. News flash, if you don’t take care of you….guess what? You won’t be taking care of them. Take care of your mind, body, and soul. Your children will thank you. Remember, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You want your apple that is close to the love, honor, and respect themselves. This goes for dads too! Let me leave you with this. Without practicing self love it is hard to accept others. Flaws and all. When we don’t practice self love – we are disrespecting ourselves. Kinda deep right?

Do something for yourself today! #acceptance