The Untethered Soul : The Journey Beyond Yourself – Michael A Singer

What a month! An entire month of reading revolving around self love. An entire month being dedicated to beauty and self love. Loving yourself, flaws and all. Knowing that you and I are not perfect but deciding that every moment of our life we are worthy. Worthy of love – especially love from ourselves! As a reminder, there are very few things on this planet that are free…but…guess what? LOVE IS! Love is free. We have an endless supply of it too. Throw it around like candy – most people would say glitter – but I wouldn’t want that to get in your eyes. Candy, you can catch – just like love!

There’s this saying – never judge a book by it’s cover. You’ve heard of it? So, when I buy a book, normally I am drawn to the cover and then I read the back to see if I have any interest. This month, my good friend Google told me the best selling self love books and I just ran with it. Usually, I need to put more thought into my book choices, but turns out Google knows what she, yes she, is doing. Oh, so my point is, I would have never picked out this book by the cover. Sometimes, we just need to follow a decision we make! It worked wonders on this book for me.

Ok, so comfort zones aren’t really related to self love entirely BUT if you don’t practice self-love it is possible you will never try to get out of your comfort zone. That is how I am going to connect the two. In sales, we can get anything to connect, right? Ok my Realtor and business friends, this really got me. So we live in this so called comfort zone and we have a choice to stay there or live this abundantly blessed life full of laughter, love, and blessings and we chose this horrible box of a comfort zone. Let’s take a quick trip to the zoo. We see a lion in a cage. Imagine yourself living inside that tiny cage, horrible right? I can’t imagine never leaving the same four walls! Just shoot me. Oh wait, my comfort zone? That’s the small cage! Are you with me? Every. Single. Day. Work on your freedom from that small cage. Get outside of your box – or cage – whatever is more appropriate.

Do you have an inner voice? I hate to admit I do. And, I talk with her often. Sometimes I am defending myself. Sometimes I am building myself up. Sometimes I am repeating 1000x my affirmations – yes this actually happens – and sometimes out loud. Oops. So lets say something pops into my head and I am needing to defend myself. Chances are, I am defending myself against something I have defended myself many of times. But why? Think of these thoughts as thorns. The more you play with them, the more irritated they become, the more judge-y thoughts you continue to have. So, lets replace all our negative thoughts with a positive thought. You can do this out loud too. Someone might ask you who you are talking to and that’s ok. Be transparent. You never know who you can help with their journey while you are traveling through yours!

Let’s talk about actual problems. Guess what? We all have them! You are not alone. Damn you Eve for eating that apple. Lots of times I will fall victim to my thoughts. I come up with horrible things that could happen from one poor choice I make – I know I am not alone in this, well I hope not as least, for my sake. Here’s to the bright side. There are thousands of things I have never thought about that happen to me, and of all the thousands of things I have thought about, none of them have ever come true. Phew! Safe. So here’s the deal. We all have problems and are going to continue to for the rest of our time here in our temporary home. So, let’s make a pact. We have all been placed on this Earth to enjoy our lives. Let’s honor that commitment. Let’s enjoy the life we have. We have the choice to be happy every day of our life no matter what crosses our path. So, live, and love YOU – daily!