Happy New Year my friends!

A lot of times we want to spend time reflecting on the year past or thinking about the future, but today I want to focus on the present. After all, that’s where we are today.

We are starting this New Years off with just a bit of sparkle! Let’s think of 3 things we are thankful for this morning. Share those things you are thankful for with a friend or family member. Do this now. Remember, this is the present! If you have social media, share those 3 things with your followers. Challenge your followers to do the same. After you have talked with a friend about what you are thankful for….stop and think for a moment. How do you feel? After expressing gratitude we ALWAYS feel better. Could this be a new routine for you this New Year? Write them down. Putting pen to the paper tells the universe you are serious and the universe will send you more to be thankful for! At the end of the year, 365 days of gratitude, imagine how differently you will see “things.”  Please come back and share the change/s! Change of your heart, thoughts, people you spend time with….the list will go on!

Today, I am thankful for my warm house, I am thankful for eyes to be able to read, and for my amazing family. Start small if you need to. I am often thankful for socks! Don’t forget to share! Plant a good seed and don’t forget to water it.

In 2018, I will be selfish with my goals. I will crush ALL of my goals. I will grow and so will you. Welcome to a world with no ceiling!

Me : I think about you a little more often than I should
Goals : Me?
Me : Yes, you. Don’t stop, get it, get it.