In case you were wondering just a wee bit more about me. I am a thirty something, I like to keep you guessing, mom, Realtor and Recruiter. I have been connecting sellers with buyers and buyers with homes since 2005. In 2010 I began recruiting. Funny story. After a year in recruiting, I asked my then broker, why he asked if I was interested in being the recruiter….his answer…..the word “no” never scared me. This stands true today.

When I do not have a book in hand you can find me at my daughters sporting events, at the gym, hiking, or Disneyland. This girl loves Disneyland. Not quite as much as I love books though. Well, Disneyland is a VERY close second. Very. I wonder how many books I could read about Disneyland? Squirrel moment. I have those often, please forgive me.

In case you are curious, which I hope you are, about why I am starting a blog. Here it goes. I like to read a lot – just like other book bloggers. But, my purpose in this blog is not to do a book review. I am looking at this blog as “life nuggets.” What are the 2-3 takeaways, sometimes more and sometimes less, of a book I read that can inspire someone. The knowledge of the right “thing” can change the course of your life.

“The most beautiful people wear their hearts on their sleeves and they wear their souls in their smiles.” – Mark Anthony

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