I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness, to the Blind Side, and Beyond – Michael Oher

How do I even start? Ok, so normally I don’t listen to many books on Audible…but I knew this was one I would want my daughter to listen to. Even if she only got bits and pieces, I figured I would be happy. Not only did I learn a lot about life, but so did my little girl. This book listen brought up so many great conversations. A real eye opener. Let’s just say – you don’t know what you don’t know.

Years ago I watched The Blind Side. I thought that was Micheal Oher’s story. Far from it. There was something Michael said in the book, “there is no way for you to understand poor unless you have been poor before. “ You are poor when you do not know when you will eat again or where your next meal will come from. And, you only know you were poor – once you are no longer poor. I can’t even imagine.

I always try tp have take-aways from everything I read. This one – I am sure I learned more from than any book I have read in the last 12 months. So Michael lived in the ghetto. Michael had older brothers and for “fun” they broke into cars and ran from the police. Or, so that is what he thought they did it for. Not until he was TEN years old did he know that this was wrong! Ok, so what did I learn from this? Judgement. Do I feel a certain way when I hear about rowdy kids? Yeah, absolutely. But, now I will always think twice. If that is what you are raised around – how is it any different than jumping on a trampoline.

As a young child, Michael rarely went to school. It wasn’t something that was required in his home. When your mom is a crackhead …there aren’t many rules. Once he got into the foster care system, Michael went to school, did homework, and even went to church. And, this is when Michael was exposed to another life. He knew the ghetto was not where he wanted to be. He worked hard to escape it. But, every time he went home for a family visit, he felt guilty. He wanted to be with his mama. He wanted to help. Are we guilty of things like this? Yes, of course. Maybe it isn’t trying to save our crackhead mother – but we all have this limiting belief that we don’t “deserve” more. I guess the bigger question is why? Why do we limit ourselves when we already have so much? But, people with so little KNOW they deserve more. #foodforthought

We all know Michael’s story due to The Blind Side. What does he have that we don’t? Nothing! He was born into a tough situation but was determined to get out of it. Maybe you and I weren’t born into as tough of a situation – but we were definitely not created in God’s image to go through life suffering. We all have a purpose. Maybe Michaels was to spread the word on foster care? What is yours?

And remember, a river cuts through a rock not because of its power – but its persistence!